Liz Smart

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LPGA Lifetime Member

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Take Private Lessons with Liz:
45 minutes $75

Small group (2-6 people) and on-course playing lessons are available and can be designed to fit your needs.

Liz has enjoyed a long, illustrious career with the game of golf. Liz began her LPGA career in 1987, earned her LPGA Professional Tour card in 1989, and even competed in the USGA US Women’s Open in 1991. Finally in 1997, Liz directed her career to her top desire: teaching golf.

Learning the game from local great Stan Thursk, Liz’s teaching approach is “student centered.” Liz explores each person’s ability and comprehension, while making each student feel comfortable and at ease while learning the game. Her students often comment that the enthusiasm and personality Liz incorporates into each class greatly enhances their experience.

Liz is a very active person who loves sports and being outdoors. She strives to be proficient in everything she does. Liz says that even though she was athletic and golf came pretty naturally to her, in order to get better she had to practice – which wasn’t her favorite thing to do. She credits her mother with encouraging her, and sometimes making her go to practice. Liz discovered that, especially with golf, once she worked hard at it and became proficient in the sport, it became less about work and more about enjoyment of the game. As a golf instructor, because of her desire to do her best, her goal is for her students to find a similar sense of achievement and enjoyment.

While golf is her passion, she has many other interests that also keep her active. Liz is an impressive bowler. Her average score is 187, with 276 being her best score ever! Currently, she plays in a bowling league with a team called the “Bowling Golfers”, which is a group of golfers from the Sykes/Lady Overland Park Golf Course ladies league. She likes meeting new people and socializing. She also enjoys fly fishing, working out, biking, archery and water skiing, just to name a few. Other interests include wine tastings, traveling to wineries and breweries and concerts. She is involved in the cat fostering program with Great Plains SPCA. If you take lessons with Liz, you will not have trouble finding something to talk about with her! And if you already frequent our golf course, you may have even seen her around in her “trademark” floppy hat.